Sunday, October 01, 2006

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free merchant accounts

free merchant accounts

Introducing not only the best US merchant account, but also best merchant account deal we've ever seen...
You're going to love this one ;-)
At Merchant Account Forum we have three main policies:
Listen to our visitors' questions and requests to provide the best information and resources available
Only recommend merchant account providers who offer free applications - hence making them risk free for our visitors

Only recommend merchant account providers after extensive research, testing, sample applications and discussions with both the provider themselves and existing clients of theirs. In doing so we can safely put our reputation on the line, and you can be sure of a careful, considered view of your options.

From the start of this website around 3 years ago right up until the middle of January 2003 we were recommending Total Merchant Services for US merchant accounts.

They offer excellent customer service, competetive per-transaction fees, ease of use and the reliability which is so important when accepting credit cards online - both in terms of their technology and ensuring you get paid on time!
However, as Merchant Account Forum has grown (and continues to grow in popularity each month) one question has become more and more common. So common infact that we decided we needed to add the answer to the website for the benefit of those seeking information about US merchant accounts...

"I appreciate all the advice at your site and the way in which you do your extensive research, but isn't there a cheaper option that offers the same level of service as Total Merchant Services?"

You see, as already stated, whilst Total Merchant Services is a great provider, they charge, at the time of writing, a $397 setup fee for those merchants that get accepted.
What many of our visitors are looking for is a cheaper setup than this, without compromising on quality and service.

So in line with point one of our policy to you - listening to visitor comments and reacting to their requests - we went searching for alternatives.
And I'll be honest it has taken us the best part of six months to find a company we're happy to recommend to you as a US based business.

But finally I can unveil - our new, even cheaper, alternative. An alternative so cheap that you can be set up to process credit cards today, for a total outlay of $0.
That's right, it won't cost you one red cent. Told you you'd like this one, didn't I?!
Introducing our new top US merchant account recommendation - the aptly named Cardservice International - which offers:
Free application
Free setup
Same day approval
No annual fees
98% acceptance rate
It doesn't get much better than that.

And if you need even more evidence about what an amazing company Cardservice International is, then you'll be pleased to hear they've been recommended by a number of other highly respectable companies both large and small.

Infact, here's what just one customer had to say:
"We were looking for a service with fast response, a professional look, flexibility, easy for the customers to use, and easy for us to maintain. We chose Cardservice International for our baseball glove business and couldn't be more pleased with the service. Setup was quick and easy, and operation has been very smooth with no problems at all. Their system includes many great features not included with many other services and our customers have reported that the ordering process has been very satisfactory. I would recommend Cardservice International to anyone wanting to open an online's a winner!"

James Jones, Kansas City, MO,
Based on my own experiences, it'll probably take you just 10 or 15 minutes to fill in their no-risk application form and then you're off!
Cardservice International promise an amazing acceptance rate (another problem we've encountered with other US merchant account providers is how picky they can be in accepting clients!) and a very personal level of service with free application and setup and, on comparison, marginally lower per transaction fees than Total Merchant Services.
Lastly, and most amazingly of all, they guarantee to beat any other merchant account quote you've seen - no questions asked!

I don't want to waste any more of your time.
This really is an incredible deal - and I recommend you visit Cardservice International website today if only to read the array of glittering testimonials from existing clients about how much money they've saved using Cardservive International.

So to take advantage of this amazing offer that took us months to track down, why not fill in one of their no-obligation application forms just to see how easy they've made it.
Remember, you're not signing a contract, and you can back out at any moment.
You're just making a simple application, to see if you get approved (the chances are very good!).
Then if you do, you can check on all the fine print they'll send you by post or fax (you decide which), and then make your decision.

And if you back out, there'll be no hard feelings.
So why not apply for free today for a US merchant account with Cardservice International by clicking the button below or click here for further information.


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